Relax, We Got This

Vanderpool Law has been providing real estate closing and escrow services in Franklin, Tennessee and the surrounding areas for
20 years. We bring the legal knowledge to your closing to ensure an efficient and stress-free experience.

The Legal Difference

When buying or selling a home, many people turn to what is commonly known as a title company. What you may not know is that at some title companies a licensed attorney may never review your file.

We provide legal review, premium closing services, with the benefit of nearly 20 years experience as a licensed attorney. You can pay the same fees you would otherwise pay for your closing services, but receive the added benefit of legal expertise.

Free Contract Review

If you contact us prior to final execution of your real estate contract, we can in many cases assist with a free contract review. As a part of that review, we provide a pro-forma settlement statement showing you the bottom line of your transaction.

Free Consultation

An easy and stress-free real estate transaction is based on years of training, hard work, passion, as well as familiarity with standard contracts used in Tennessee real estate transactions.You’ll find all that and more at Vanderpool Law.